Here we go…

Well it is Sunday, 6/2/3013.

Tim and Jon and finalizing our hiking routes through every state park, Justin is taking… a nap, Tom is writing a song, Phil is out of town at a wedding, and I am attempting to make our first ever blog entry. It’s been one of the slower days we’ve had since our lives have been overwhelmed by the realization that this trip is actually happening. While it is calm and quiet right now, our minds are constantly racing about the adventure that is about to take place. We’ll hopefully soon share how this trip actually came together but for now, let me give you guys a sneak peak of where we are headed to these next couple weeks and the heart behind this Roadtrip of a Lifetime. Yes, we’re making roadtrip one word from now on. Who wants to go on a RTOALT?

Tentatively, this is what we’re planning to do in 30 days before we all have to go back to “real” life.

1. Lynchburg,VA – Grand Canyon National Park

We are taking the drive of a lifetime! We are doing one lunch stop in Nashville, TN and a bunch of obligatory stops driven by nature. We’re hoping to set up camp and hike down the South Kaibab Trail.

Image by Satta Ektrakul

Image by Satta Ektrakul

2. Zion National Park, UT

After a 5 hour drive, we’re hoping to set up camp by noon and get on a shuttle to hike the Narrows and Angel’s landing the day after.

Zion Narrows

Zion Narrows

Angel's Landing

Angel’s Landing

3. Grace City Vegas, NV

Our third stop will be to visit and serve our friends at Grace City Vegas. This has church was started a year ago by our dear friends and led by Pastor Dave Earley. We will be visiting them during their second prayer summit and help lead worship. What an honor! You can check out their podcast here and read their blog here.

4. Big Sur, CA

We will then head to legendary Big Sur, CA and spend some time at the Redwoods and Pfeifer Beach. Pfeiffer-beach Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_921228

5. San Francisco, CA

There we get another opportunity to lead worship at Parkway Community Church and explore the city!

6. Yosemite National Park

We hope to check out tunnel view, glacier point and hug some mariposa grove trees.

tvimage-2View from Glacier Point

7. Portland, OR & Seattle, WA

What’s a road trip out west without visiting these two cities! We’re also trying to squeeze in Ainsworth State Park and Olympic State Park besides the cities. In Seattle, we will be also be able to serve two churches,  First Free Methodist Church and Roots Community Church.



8. Glacier National Park, MT

9 hours of driving and we get to Glacier National Park! Quick stop at the Flathead lake and we’ll be getting ready for the Hidden Lake Trail.

Flathead Lake PhotoMount_Gould_from_Grinnell_Glacier_Trail_2 sunrise-over-st-mary-lake-glacier-national-park-montana-47916

Well ladies and gentlemen… we have lots more to go so here goes to quick ending to this post!

Yellow Stone National Park, WY // Grand Teton National Park, WY // Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Itinerary-Yellowstone_header_2012autumn_grandeur_grand_teton_national_park_wyoming_usa rocky-mountains

Follow us as we travel through all these amazing places! We shall gram, tweet, vine, and post video updates about our trip!

Have a good night,



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