June 7 – The Glory of God in His Chosen


This evening we hiked the Kaibab trail.  It was only about 6 miles altogether, but it was the first real hike of the trip. Most of us haven’t hiked in a while so it was a good way to break our legs in again; legs that for most of us have only had to hike from dorm rooms to class and back for quite some time now. I am a firm believer that a mans legs were not made to be kept caged under a desk. Obviously we didn’t stay on the trial the entire time, but instead found ourselves climbing rocks and sliding down rocky slopes to skip long bends in the trail. After a few miles and a beautiful sunset we began the climb out of the canyon again.

Not every one wanted to go super fast so with shirts off and our packs tight, Tim, Tom, Justin and I (Keller) set off on a bit of a daunting pace up the trail towards to the rim from which we had begun our decent a couple hours earlier. As we trekked the night grew darker and we each kept looking over our shoulder to see the horizon.  The diminishing light from the sun could still be seen long after the sun had set.  It was a harsh orange and red line across the horizon, as if the edge of the world was covered with lava that was slowly cooling from its edges and disappearing in the night. The white and tan walls of the canyon, the clear sky, and the leftover light from the sun now under the horizon gave us just enough visibility to see the trail. The trail was wide enough for two abreast, so aside from the pace and the slope, the going was fairly easy. I couldn’t help but imagine how difficult it would be to do this hike with out a trail.  As I looked around and down into the canyon, I was reminded of the stories of David and the different times he spent covertly living in the wilderness. I imagined what it must have been like to be one of David’s mighty men.


When it was unsafe for him to live anywhere else, David had to make his home in the caves and mountains. He and his men must have had to do hikes like this all the time. Just to be one of David’s men must have been intense, but to be one of his mighty men must have been unreal. We are talking about guys who could single handedly take on 300 and 800 men at once and win.  David’s mighty men where exceptional human beings, trustworthy, dedicated, disciplined, and resilient. They would have had to have been in incredible shape to do all that they did. We can also tell from the stories that they were adventurous. You don’t volunteer to sneak into the heart of an enemy camp at night, or to sneak/fight your way through enemy lines on another occasion to get a jar of water from a particular well that your leader off handedly mentioned, with out being a little adventurous. These guys loved their leader so dearly they were willing to risk everything for him. David had chosen his mighty men, and they consistently lived up to the calling.

If you believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, that God in human flesh came and died for your sins and mine, and that by believing in Christ and in Christ alone you have been saved, then you are one of Gods Chosen. How much greater is it to be chosen by God then to be chosen by a man. God has called you out of darkness and into light. Together, let’s live like God’s mighty ones!



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