June 11-12 – God’s Glory in The Weakness and Uniqueness of His Children

We must have stopped a half a dozen times through Death Valley. We pulled over  for the last time to see the sun set over the sand dunes before heading up into the hills towards California. As the bus pulled off into the night, we settled into our usual routines for the long drive. Phil, going back and forth from being goofy and making hilarious jokes with Jay, to playing guitar on his computerized old school video games.

1 phil

Collin grabbing a camera from time to time and moving to the front of the bus to get a shot, not too often though, he seems to know exactly what he’s looking for and he doesn’t waist much time filming a bunch of extra stuff.

photo 3 (6)

It could also be that he just likes to sleep a lot. (Notice the two most important things he owns in the seat next to him.)

2 collin

Seriously though, he is an incredible camera artist. Very fast, very good.  When he presses record he gets the shot the first time, then he sits back down to sleep or read or just hang out listening to the tunes that our planner Tim has mixed on to cd’s for the trip.

photo (4)

Tim is one man you will never find sitting idol, in fact I don’t know if I have ever seen him not doing something productive. Tim did all the research for this trip and he takes care of the group’s instagram like the mother of an only child. Tim is very artistic and along with being proficient in a wide range of musical instruments, he sings amazing harmonies and when Collin is not around or driving, Tim can pick up the cameras and hold his own for sure. During the research stage Tim passed off the navigating to each spot to his brother Jonathan who we call “Jay.”

photo 2 (3)

Jay is our resident country boy, and will erupt (in perfect pitch mind you) with a country song to fit every occasion. Between outbursts of song, or comedic wit, Jay is the go to guy for land navigation, whether that be in the state parks, or out on the freeway.

Tom, … I think Tom is hilarious. Most of the time Tom stays more tranquil then Phil and Jay. When you least expect it he turns, and with this wide eyes look, slowly says something that rocks your socks and leaves every one rolling on the floor laughing. Tom reads, a lot. This is Tom the rest of the time on the bus.

6 tom

Justin is probably one of the most consistent and reliable people I know. He keeps a handle on the rest of us when we are getting rowdy. That’s not to say he doesn’t cut up and have a good time himself. We are out here representing Christ and Liberty University, and we all have a desire to do that with excellence. It helps to have someone who is a little more particular about the details so that everyone can remember to be on their toes at the right time. Justin has stamina and endurance, he can drive for hours on end, sleep 2 hours and do it again!


Me, I decided to blog our trip.

5 kelli

I’m not a super fast typer or writer, so this sort of thing takes me a lot of extra time and energy. I think I miss out on a lot of sleep because of it. As I sit here typing away and thinking about each of the guys and how unique and different we all are, I am amazed at how Creative our God is. He has made every person different and each for a purpose. As I ponder this thought and even as I look at the pictures in this post, I cant help but be reminded that although we are unique and all have strengths, we are all quite weak. We NEED. We need sleep (as im sure you can tell from the photos) we need food, water, flowing blood, air to breath. Humans are extremely needed. If one thinks he is not, I encourage them to go with out even one of the things I have listed and see how far they get. The bible teaches us that “In Him, we live and move and have our being” – Acts 17:28. God gives us every thing. He takes pleasure in creating us uniquely, choosing us individually, and making us able to fulfill His purposeAll of the guys on this trip have a passion for the spread of the gospel and for the exaltation of their savior and redeemer, making this an absolutely amazing group to be with!

We drove through the night switching off drivers as the night went, arriving in Big Sur California around noon the and spent a decent amount of time that day looking for a good campsite.

photo 5 (5)

We kind of took advantage of the day and enjoyed just bumming around the different roadside shops and restaurant hang outs. We finally found a camp site and the three cooks were sent out to get groceries.

photo 2 (8)

I was left at a restaurant a few miles down the road to charge all of our batteries and transfer the pictures and videos from our camera chips to Coli’s hard drive. I had to use 5 outlets! The management at that restaurant were amazing and even let Tim and me come back to stay after they had closed so that we could finish posting stuff to the blog and insta-gram to keep all of you up to date on our adventure. We worked hard and stayed until after 1:00 am! (We finally had to go outside so they could lock up at midnight.)


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