Every one of us has a desire for adventure, and through the process of seeing something we have never seen before, we worship the Lord our God, for He is the One that made it all! As we journey across the country, we expect to share the love of Jesus with people we’ve never met before, and we hope to inspire others to live a life of wonder, excitement, and discovery.

Thank you to Liberty University for helping us make this all happen!

The ROALT crew:

Timothy Riordan (23): Cellist, Songwriter, Producer and owner of Yadah Studios

Colin Mukri (22): Singer, Worship leader, Photographer, Chef

Justin Smith (21): Guitarist, Woodworker, Coffee connoisseur

Philip Godley (22): Outdoorsman, Tinkerer, Starbucks barista

Thomas Madison (22): Pianist, Songwriter, Fun-lover

Jonathan Riordan (20): Drummer, Hunter, Navigator, Chef

Keller Hopkins II (23): Missionary, Contractor, Free-runner


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